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Lookup.school is the world’s largest register of elite private schools. More than 6,000 schools in 56 countries are listed and available to prospective parents and students. All schools can be accessed by typing in the school name, and a map and full address will be provided. Most schools will also provide a page of details including subjects taught, extracurricular activities and any special features of the school. On request, we can forward you a prospectus and also full enrolment forms. Many schools will provide you with these automatically and without any cost.

If you are seeking a school in a particular city or country, you can type in the name of the school (or place) and a full map showing private schools available in that area will be provided for you. All lookup.school services are provided without cost and we are also most grateful for any feedback from clients to help us improve the service.

Lookup.school website and service is dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for both parents, students and schools. We are committed to reducing the effects of climate change and the time and cost required in the usual methods of approaching elite private schools. We also strongly belief in family choice in education and we are dedicated to the best possible outcomes in the area of private elite education worldwide.

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