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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We are a bronze school in Canada and we would like to become a Silver school, do we have to apply to the board of the World Registry of Private Schools?

A. No, all schools selected for the World Registry and Lookup.school are considered potential Gold schools. All you have to do to become a Silver or Gold school is to login and follow the prompts. The annual fee for a Silver school is only $50 US and enables you to provide a picture or illustration of your school (which appears in the directory) and another page of details.

Q. We are an American school that has applied for Gold Membership and have not had any response, what should we do?

A. It is possible that you haven't paid the correct annual fee ($350 US) or alternatively you haven't followed the prompts. If you have any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact your support person Dean Smith (dean@lookup.school)

Q. We are a middle east school that has some restrictions on student entry. Where can we make enrollment requirements clear?

A. The easiest way would be to become a Silver school (cost $50 US) which as well as a photo of the school will enable you to have a page about the school which can include enrolment requirements.

Q. How do we claim our listing?

  1. Find your listing on the lookup.school website
  2. Click the claim listing button (this will send an email to the listing email)
  3. Check the email and click on the link to set a password for your account
  4. Login to your account and complete any missing information.

Q. We are a South American school (english language) and would like to establish ties with schools within the US or UK.

A. All schools on the World Registry of Private Schools are fully contactable, and if you have any difficulties in this area, please contact your support person in South America, Ricardo Gonzales at ricardo@lookup.school

Q. We have heard that the World Schools Awards are being held later in the year. Is it open to all schools, and how do we nominate?

A. The Worlds Schools Awards will automatically include all Gold Membership schools. If your school has been nominated, and is a finalist your school will be informed. If you would like to be considered for nomination, you will have an opportunity in July when the various categories will be announced. For further details please contact your support team.